I love bascule bridges.

Chicago has more movable bridges than any other city. There is even a subtype of bascule bridge (the fixed-trunnion bascule bridge) called a “Chicago bridge.” Watching the bridges lift is always fun, but many of Chicago’s bridges are also quite lovely in their stationary state.

Some of my favorites:

–Marshall Suloway Bridge, where I was occasionally made late for work at the Reid Murdoch Building (on the left, with the clock tower).

Source: historicbridges.org

–The Irv Kupcinet Bridge, which is shockingly beautiful at night.

Source: hyatt.com

–The Ashland Avenue Bridge, which features distinctive art deco reliefs.

–The Cherry Avenue Bridge, although it doesn’t actually move anymore, has an unusual asymmetry.

Source: bridgehunter.com

To learn more about the mechanics of the well-known Du Sable Bridge at 376 N. Michigan Avenue, visit the Chicago Bridgehouse Museum (or read this page from their web site).


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