I love the 22 Clark.

This much-reviled bus route is one I used to ride on a regular basis. Despite the frustratingly-common occurrence of two late buses arriving just before one early bus, it’s actually a convenient way to navigate Clark Street, which is often fraught with drunken pedestrians. It is also a 24/7 bus route, so it can and will help you get home at 3 AM just as handily as it does during rush hour.

Completely aside from its utility, this bus route also inspired the song, “Get On The Bus,” a catchy little tune by the late, great Wesley Willis.

Brace yourself for some poetry. Here is an excerpt from the song’s lyrics:

The 22 Clark bus passed me up

I picked up a rock and threw it at the bus

Then I called the bus driver a fucking jerk

I told him to suck a camel’s ass and fuck off

Get on the bus

Get on the bus

Get on the bus

Get on the bus


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