I love Magnifenct ChamoMile.

Along with Chai Town and Jazz Mint, Magnificent ChamoMile is one of the three teas in the Adagio Tea Chicago Series. I don’t work for Adagio, and nobody is paying me to write about them–I just really like this tea!

Normally, I find chamomile teas too floral and lacking in depth. Because this is a blend with whole leaf white tea and a few other ingredients, Magnificent ChamoMile doesn’t have these problems. It’s mild yet flavorful, without any overpowering elements. While I never find a drive down Michigan Avenue as relaxing as a cup of tea, I do find the name clever.

Source: Adagio

Like its companions in the Chicago Series, Magnificent ChamoMile is packaged in a gorgeous tin featuring photography of a Chicago streetscape on the outside and architectural detail on the inside of the lid. I’ll certainly be keeping mine and using it to store other teas and/or tea paraphernalia when I’ve consumed all the tea.


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