About This Blog

I’m a mother, birdwatcher, photography enthusiast, bookworm, and history fan who has lived in and around Chicago her whole life. When a friend told me she was considering moving to Chicago from New York, I looked for a way to show her all the things I love so much about this place. I found food blogs, fashion blogs, photo blogs, news aggregators, review pages, web sites devoted to the city’s history, and much more, but nothing that put all  of that together. There are many great Chicago-centric blogs and web sites, but I didn’t find one that took all the things that well up in my heart when I think of Chicago and put them on a page for everyone to see.

Windy City Love Letters is an effort to do that. It is deeply personal. It is not the blog you, your neighbor, or your bus driver would make. It will probably never be complete. My criteria for places to include (within the Chicago city limits or in a municipality whose borders touch those of Chicago) will annoy some readers, as will my deep affection for the Emanuel brothers and my need for an “infrastructure” tag. Tough! If you don’t like it, write your own windy city love letter.


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