I love driving on Lake Street.

A significant portion of Lake Street’s drivable surface sits directly beneath train tracks. The supporting beams enclose you like a tunnel as you travel, and the sun casts shadowy patterns across the people and vehicles around you. Trains passing overhead fill the air with their rumble. Driving along Lake is one of my favorite ways to leave or enter the city.


I also love promoting local artists, so hey! Check out this show at the Harold Washington Library.



I love the 22 Clark.

This much-reviled bus route is one I used to ride on a regular basis. Despite the frustratingly-common occurrence of two late buses arriving just before one early bus, it’s actually a convenient way to navigate Clark Street, which is often fraught with drunken pedestrians. It is also a 24/7 bus route, so it can and will help you get home at 3 AM just as handily as it does during rush hour.

Completely aside from its utility, this bus route also inspired the song, “Get On The Bus,” a catchy little tune by the late, great Wesley Willis.

Brace yourself for some poetry. Here is an excerpt from the song’s lyrics:

The 22 Clark bus passed me up

I picked up a rock and threw it at the bus

Then I called the bus driver a fucking jerk

I told him to suck a camel’s ass and fuck off

Get on the bus

Get on the bus

Get on the bus

Get on the bus

I love hearing Lee Crooks.

If you watch TV or listen to the radio in the USA, you have probably heard Lee Crooks. As of this posting, you might hear him in national spots for  companies as diverse as Wrangler,  Argosy University, and Kohler in addition to narration on the Discovery Channel. Mr. Crooks also lent his voice to three Thomas the Tank Engine books.

If you live in Chicago or have used its public transit recently, you might also know Mr. Crooks best as the voice of the CTA. While I occasionally miss the old voice and style of the L announcements (watching tourists get a confused look as she announced, “This is Chicago” brought a few smiles to my face), Mr. Crooks isn’t too shabby. In fact, this video shows that he is a hard-working professional who loves his job. Plus, how great is it that the voice of the CTA actually rides the CTA?

I hope our trains will play his sonorous voice at every stop for many years.

I love that people run into Jesus on the CTA sometimes.

I love the CTA. I used to ride it every day to get to work, I used to ride it every day to get to class, and I may or may not have enjoyed a few nights riding it home after closing time. There are so many things to love about the CTA, and I am sure many posts will feature these things, but today I can only choose one. Today, it’s Jesus Christ.

I have personally spotted Him riding the blue line and the red line. I also found Him standing around the L platform at Clark and Lake.  Sometimes He’s black. Sometimes He’s white. Once, He was latino. His robes are purple or white, and He may have a giant cross, stigmata, or a crown of thorns. Sometimes, He has all three.

I can’t find any photos of Him riding the L, but like all matters of faith,  you just have to believe, with or without empirical evidence. I did, however, find other believers.